GREENSTAT, a partner of the SOPOREM project

Greenstat is a green energy company founded in 2015 in Bergen, Norway. Greenstat is a leading company in the transition to the development of a sustainable future, whose mission is to achieve a zero-emission society using available knowledge and technology. The company is organized as a corporation and is involved in the development of projects for hydrogen, industrial wind farms, solar power plants and energy stations.

Greenstat currently has a portfolio of projects in different levels of maturity (from prospects to operation). Greenstat also has an international focus, and the last major international project is the installation of 45 MW Petnjik solar power plant in Bosnia and Hercegovina. The Petnjik project is a joint partnership 50/50 between Greenstat and GP Toming. The PV plant, which will consist of 73000 panels in total, is an important step towards a greener future for Bosnia-Herzegovina. Once completed, the plant will have a total capacity of 45 MW, providing clean energy to the region.


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